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The History between Taxi’s and the popularity of cabs in Las Vegas

The image of a yellow sedan is what most people have in mind when they think of a taxicab Some cities such as London have rare exceptions because the taxis are commonly black. You may not have noticed but in various countries, the taxi sign on the roof is normally yellow and the car will be in a natural colour like grey, white, black etc. There is a link but what is the meaning behind all of it?

History behind Taxis

Taxis have a history that dates further than when the automobile industry was established. Did you know? In 1640, Paris was the city throughout the entire globe to have used taxis/cabs. London was also early and was second to implement a cab system within England.

Around the turn of the century, automobiles became more popular. Even though the early cars were slow and pricey, they were however available. At the time, most middle-class workers couldn’t afford a family car.

This provided a strong commercial opportunity for Gottlieb Daimler, a German inventor and entrepreneur who founded the first metered taxi firm in 1897. Daimler designed his own car, which he utilised in his taxis. Wilhelm Bruhn, another German inventor, sold him metres to measure trip lengths and travel hours.

Taxis in America, Las Vegas

Taxis/cabs are very dominant in America, especially in Las Vegas, many living people use the taxi service to get from A to B. 95% of tourists will use these cabs to get to their destinations unless they have a friend or a family member already living in the city, and they have a car available to use. People don’t tend to drive their personal car in the main town of Las Vegas, Sin City, because there is so much traffic. Sometimes, it’s faster to walk to your destination than driving!

Thousands of locals and tourists within the city usually hire a taxi to visit the casino, it wouldn’t be a true Las Vegas experience if you didn’t play any casino games and didn’t do any form of gambling.

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