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Sachs Clutch Kits

The Clutching framework of a vehicle regulates the power transmission, permitting it to move and change gears easily. They control movement by connecting pivoting disc with the two line shafts that work as the two-way power source of the vehicle. The clutch permits the motor to continue running during full break without releasing the gears. The clutch kit comprises three essential segments: the clutch disc, the pressure plate, and the throw-out bearing.

Sachs offers world-famous clutch kits known for their supreme performance that are also suitable for various applications. The gripping demands of autos differ depending on how often the car is used; the road conditions that affect driving; and the application of clutch. Too much clutching imposes excessive strain on the discs and this may lead to early wear and tear. This is why durability is a crucial component in the fabrication of clutch kits. Sachs merchandises go through extensive tests for OE quality to define dependability. Their kits are recognized for their extreme ability to withstand frictional pressure that in turn results to heated temperature. This brand’s extreme clutch sets include an array of mounting tools that significantly decreases the time of installation. The kit comes in three variations namely Kevlar, ceramic button, and heavy duty clutch kit.


Sachs Kevlar gives preferable pulling abilities over organic clutch while providing enhanced gripping properties than the ceramic button clutch. It provides suave grip engagement resulting to improved service life vehicle parts. The majority of the grinding wear surfaces will indicate little signs of wear as compared to other materials.

The Ceramic button clutch is recommended for intensive towing works. It has a higher tolerance for heat but the gripping is not as smooth as the Kevlar. The discs have a tendency to engage abruptly than organic material leading to a bumpy feel.

For towing loads heavier than the vehicles declared limit, Sachs provide the heavy duty clutch kits. It has lining backed by steel ensuring higher tolerance of heat.

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